Retirement Party
Debbie Swanson
After nearly 28 years as the Page County 4-H Youth Coordinator for
Iowa State University, Debbie Swanson has decided it is time to slow
down and enjoy more time with her family and friends.
Not only did Debbie put her all into the Page County 4-H program, she
also enjoyed providing many programs in the Page County elementary
and middle school sectors. They were designed to prepare children
with how to recognize and manage hazards in agriculture and a variety of other challenges they experience on a day-to-day basis. Those
programs included On My Own and OK, Farm Safety for Just Kids,
Bullying, RISK and Boomerang.
Debbie also served as the Page County Fairboard Secretary for the
past 23 years and will continue that role.
She has been positively affected by many people throughout her career and has enjoyed seeing 4-H’ers grow, change and succeed. She
believes she has played a significant part in their development. She
has also enjoyed working with the leaders, superintendents, judges,
parents and volunteers.
We would like to invite all of her family, friends and colleagues to join
us Sunday, August 18th from 3pm - 5pm at Wibholm
Hall at the Clarinda Fairgrounds to celebrate this special event to
recognize Debbie’s accomplishments and wish her a bright and fulfilling future!

3352 210TH ST, CLARINDA, IA 51632


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