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Bond has been set at $2.2 million for April Montello-Roberts, who faces felony charges in connection with two murders and the attempted murders of police officers during a pursuit early Aug. 7 that ended in the 1400 block of Indian Hills Road in Council Bluffs.

Montello-Roberts, 44, of Shenandoah was with her boyfriend, Troy Petersen, 28, of Essex during the chase, which ended with their vehicle overturning and him being fatally shot by a Council Bluffs Police officer after a standoff.

The charges and bond amounts were as follows:

Count I: Murder, first-degree, $1 million; Count II: burglary, first-degree, $50,000; Count III: murder, first-degree, $1 million; Count IV: Robbery, first-degree, $50,000; Count V: attempted murder of a peace officer, $50,000; Count V: attempted murder of a peace officer, $50,000.

Montello-Roberts is suspected of being an accomplice to Petersen in the deaths of 52-year-old Jerrot Clark and 51-year-old Steven Carlson, who were found dead at separate private residences on Aug. 4 and Aug. 7, respectively. Petersen is also suspected of being involved in their deaths.

Officials detailed events that occurred over several days that investigators ultimately determined were connected.

Petersen was fatally shot Wednesday, Aug. 7 as he held a gun on his alleged accomplice Montello-Roberts.

The two were at least platonic friends, and may have been boyfriend and girlfriend, officials said.

Sometime Saturday, police say, 52-year-old Jerrot H. Clark was shot inside his home at 2103 Sixth Ave. by Petersen and Montello-Roberts

Pottawattamie County Deputy Sheriff Ryan Olderog spotted a 1997 Dodge Ram pickup truck. Petersen fired shots at Olderog as Montello-Roberts drove away, officials said. Petersen and Montello-Roberts broke into Steven P. Carlson’s home at 270 Yellow Pole Road and fatally shot him. Carlson, 51, died of multiple gunshots, officials said.

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