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Cardinal Theatre’s fall mainstage production will be the stage version of the cult classic movie “Clue,” retitled “Clue On Stage.”

Almost everyone has played the board game at one time or another. Now the characters come to life! This mad-cap farce will be presented 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1 and Saturday, Nov. 2.

The cast of suspects includes Damon Nally as the devoted butler Wadsworth, Kamdyn Beal as the maid Yvette, and Kari Van Nostrand as the cook.

Then the usual suspects enter the mansion: Miss Scarlet (played by Tatiana Schaapherder), Mrs. Peacock (Hannah Powers), Mrs. White (Isabel Solivan), Colonel Mustard (Bryce Glidden), Professor Plum (Gabe Holmstrom), and Mr. Green (Gavin Moheng).

You may recall the cast of characters meet at Boddy Manor. On stage, Mr. Boddy (Jordan Fasnacht) appears as well as an array of hapless characters including a motorist (Hazel Morgan-Fine), a cop (Aiden Shatava), a singing telegram girl (Riley Holmstrom), FBI agents (Drake Riddle and Grant Turner), and a reporter (Rylan Henke). All of these characters may seem guilty—but who is the real murderer? Just like the board game, the audience will have to listen for clues and watch the characters squirm under accusations, all the while entertaining you with their wild antics.

As with any Cardinal Theatre production, what happens back stage to make our productions a success are the many students who take pride in their work in various production areas.

Once again, our students have formed a production staff that puts in hours of work to create an evening of entertainment for all to enjoy. For “Clue On Stage,” the production staff is vital. The work entails creating a set that represents every room on the Clue game board, lighting that creates the many moods of the show, costumes that enhance and define characters, props that are necessary for the story, special effects (it’s a murder mystery after all), sound design and music that creates suspense, and stage managers that keep everyone on track towards the final rehearsal.

The production staff includes stage managers Chase McAndrews and Morgan Rope; shop foreman Aiden Shatava; lighting designers Cloe Holmstrom, Samantha Eberly and Greg Priest; property masters Emma Harris and Joella Patterson; sound designer Riley Holmstrom; costumers Seth Ohden and Paige Daly; and special effects designers Leah Spade and Maddi Sunderman.

“Clue On Stage” thus far has proven to be yet another challenge for all the students involved in Cardinal Theatre. Ticket reservations are suggested, and may be reserved by calling Clarinda High School at 542-5167.

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