HJ - Final Facade Payment

With the west side of the Clarinda square as the backdrop, people gather for a dedication ceremony for the square project held in September. City council approved the last payment for the project earlier this month. (Herald-Journal file photo)

The Clarinda City Council officially closed the ledger Wednesday, Nov. 13, on the Clarinda Facade Rehabilitation Project.

The council approved paying the retainage fee of $37,638.47 to Grand Contracting for work completed on the project. With all work on the rehabilitation completed, this was the final payment for the project.

“This will be it,” Clarinda City Manager Gary McClarnon said.

However, as one significant project in the city has ended, another is just getting under way. During the meeting, the council also set a public hearing for Wednesday, Dec. 11, on using the State Revolving Loan Fund to finance the construction of the new wastewater treatment facility in Clarinda.

McClarnon said the loan, covering engineering fees and construction costs, would be designated not to exceed $15.4 million.

“We do have to hold a public hearing and once we do that, up at the state, they will start putting the paperwork together then for us to start approving resolutions basically approving revenue notes,” McClarnon said.

Council member Jeff McCall asked what the city would do if the bids were higher than the $15.4 million limit. McClarnon said the city could go back to the state and ask for additional funding, but a new public hearing would have to be held.

Earlier in the meeting, the city council approved the Fiscal Year 2019 financial report. McClarnon said the city ended the year with total revenues of $44,133,724 that included $35.5 million from Clarinda Regional Health Center.

In comparison, the city had $43,215,990 in expenses. The hospital accounted for $34.6 million of those expenditures. The hospital showed a profit of $925,000 and the city as a whole finished the year with $917,734 more in revenue than expenses.

“Basically, we broke even as a city, which is in essence what we want to do. The hospital numbers do definitely skew the rest of the numbers,” McClarnon said.

In other business, the council accepted the dedication of the required infrastructure for Walnut Hills Addition. Located on the south side of West Walnut Street, the addition features 16 lots. Developers Justin and Megan Walter plan to construct housing on 14 of those lots.

“With any new subdivisions, if the city does help out with the infrastructure costs, once it’s all in the developer basically dedicates it to the city,” McClarnon said. “Adam (Brown, Public Works Director,) and myself went out and reviewed what we could for the infrastructure, mostly the streets, and it looks like everything is in order.”

The city council also approved changing the dates to two upcoming meetings, if they are needed, due to conflicts with holidays. The Nov. 27 meeting was moved to Nov. 26 and the Dec. 25 meeting was rescheduled for Dec. 18.

“As of right now, I’m not planning on meeting unless something comes up that we have to act on,” McClarnon said.

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