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With the threat of winter weather looming, motorists and residents of Clarinda are being reminded to observe the city snow ordinance to assist with the plowing and removal of snow and ice. The ordinance requires citizens to remove vehicles from city streets and alleys if two inches of accumulation are received. The Clarinda City Council has increased the fine  from $15 to $30 for violating the snow ordinance. (file photo)

Leaving cars parked on city streets will result in an unwanted stocking stuffer for Clarinda residents this winter.

The Clarinda City Council voted 4-1 Wednesday, Oct. 23, in favor of increasing the fine for obstructing the plowing of city streets by not moving a vehicle when Clarinda receives two or more inches of snow. The fine was doubled from $15 to $30 starting immediately.

Council member Craig Hill voted against the increase, instead advocating for an even hire fine. During a meeting Sept. 25, when the first reading of the parking violation ordinance was approved, Hill said he did not believe the $30 fine would motivate people to comply with moving their vehicles.

The ordinance on parking violations also increased the fine for the improper use a persons with disabilities parking permits from $100 to $20 to meet state regulations. All other parking violations in Clarinda were also increased to $20 under the terms of the new ordinance. State code also dictates that any citation be increased by $5 if not paid within 30 days.

A public hearing was also held during the meeting regarding a request to change the zoning of an agricultural district within the city to heavy industrial. Alan Schenck, who is one of the owners of the 87 acres of land located on the south of East Washington Street behind the ball fields at City Park, requested the zoning change.

Clarinda City Manager Gary McClarnon told the council during a meeting Oct. 9 the zoning change could assist in the sale of the land. The zoning change also conforms with the comprehensive plan of the city to convert agricultural districts in the city limits to industrial to assist with future business expansion in Clarinda.

Since no public comments were received during the public hearing, the city council voted to unanimously to approve the second reading. The council then voted to waive the third reading of the ordinance and adopt the zoning change.

The council also passed a resolution to accept the work of the Glenn Miller Avenue full depth concrete patching project.

A final pay request from Ten Point Construction Company in the amount of $8,003.11 for the patching project was approved as well Wednesday.

“I thought it was a great project. I thought they did a nice job on it,” McClarnon said.

A final pay request from Blacktop Services Company in the amount of $184,554.02 was also approved. The payment was for asphalt milling and street patching repairs completed in Clarinda.

“They did get all the streets done that we asked them to do,” McClarnon said. “I think they did a nice job on it.”

Grant Contracting submitted a pay request of $26,499.54 for the Clarinda facade project that was also approved during the council meeting. McClarnon said the council would consider payment of the retainage fee for the facade project at its next meeting Nov. 13.

“This is actually 100 percent complete now. The only thing left is (Oct. 29) I will be in meetings, pretty much the whole day, with the property owners collecting this last check and making sure that everything is okay,” McClarnon said.

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