HJ - Standard Clarinda Street Conditions

Traffic drives by a rough spot on South 16th Street near the intersection with West Clark Street. (Herald-Journal photo)

In order to pave the way for a new street improvement project, the Clarinda City Council has commissioned Snyder and Associates to complete a street inventory.

The council approved the engineering agreement during its meeting Wednesday, Oct. 9, at Clarinda City Hall. Along with the street inventory, the report will evaluate the condition of the streets in Clarinda and provide a prioritized improvement plan.

Clarinda City Manager Gary McClarnon said this is the ideal time to move forward with the street inventory because the city would be in the financial position to undertake a new street project next summer.

“I am assuming you want to do some more street overlays because we do need that,” McClarnon said. “We have a bond issue that is coming off in June. So, we need to start looking at issuing bonds again for next fiscal year.”

As part of the street inventory, McClarnon said officials from Snyder and Associates would drive every street in the city. They would rate and measure the streets andidentify the type of surface to develop a comprehensive report for the community.

“What you get for this report would be a map that would be color coded. The colors all mean something. It’s fair, poor condition, good condition and excellent condition. So they would actually give us a visual map showing us what the conditions of the streets are. Then, every single street has its own page that tells everything about it,” McClarnon said.

Once the report is completed, McClarnon said Snyder and Associates would assist the city in reviewing the findings to determine the streets in the greatest need of repair. Those streets could then be included in a future improvement project.

The last time Clarinda undertook a street improvement project, McClarnon and the director of the Public Works Department drove the streets in an attempt to determine which would be included in the project. However, McClarnon said the process was time consuming and residents debated the findings.

“We came up with our own list and of course you have people that come to you and say no, my street is actually worse than that. Well, this is a third party saying what condition these streets are in,” McClarnon said.

The cost of completing the street inventory was $18,900. Once the report is completed, and as long as Snyder and Associates is used for the engineer of a street project, they would update the information at no addition cost.

“I think this is a good idea because, like you said, it’s a third party, you get a map and they update it,” council member Jeff McCall said.

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