HJ - Clarinda Foundation Grants Aug 2019

Clarinda Foundation members and representatives of organizations that received grants from the foundation are pictured; front row,  Pam Herzberg, Foundation Executive Director; Penny Schuessler, St John Noah’s Ark; Sandy Geer, Southwest Iowa Families; Karen Marsh, Nodaway Valley Free Clinic; Debbie Swanson, Page County Fair Board.

Back Row, Ed Brown Foundation Board President; Keith Brothers, Clarinda Police Department; Andrew Hoppmann, Clarinda Lied Public Library; Greg Jones, Clarinda Medical Foundation; Roger Williams, Clarinda Fire Department; Josh Porter, Clarinda Community School District; Elaine Farwell, Clarinda Chamber; and Shari Greenwood, Glenn Miller Birthplace Museum. (photo courtesy of Clarinda Foundation)

On Aug. 7 the Clarinda Foundation recognized the recipients of the Foundation’s 2019 grant awards.

This year the Clarinda Foundation is awarding 12 grants totaling $85,162 which means the Foundation has surpassed $1 million in grant awards since the first grant given in 1987.

Funding for the foundation’s grant program comes from the Foundation’s unrestricted endowment donations, unrestricted non-endowed donations and gifts from designated and donor advised funds.

The foundation’s board of directors look for projects that:

• Address significant community issues.

• Present innovative, creative and practical proposals which build on community strengths.

• Develop the leadership potential of the community.

• Involve the people served in the planning and implementation of the program.

• Provide a plan for sustainability beyond the funding period.

• Capital projects that impact a significant number of community residents.

Projects considered for funding should address needs in one or more of these areas:

• Arts/Culture/Humanities

• Community Betterment

• Education

• Health/Human Services

• Recreation/Environment

This year’s grant recipients, projects and award amounts are:

• Clarinda Chamber of Commerce receiving $1,879 for new winter decorative planters for the downtown square.

• Clarinda Community School District receiving $8,337 for the purchase of communication radios for school safety.

• Clarinda Community School District receiving $940 for the purchase of a pro done for the classroom.

• Clarinda Fire Department receiving $1,970 for the purchase of new hand lanterns.

• Clarinda Lied Public Library receiving $2,100 for the “Checkout Stem” project.

• Clarinda Medical Foundation receiving $10,000 for the “Backpack Food Program.”

• Clarinda Police Department receiving $23,286 for the purchase of a new Rolling K-9 vehicle.

• Glenn Miller Birthplace Society receiving $5,500 for the restoration and preservation of the Glenn Miller Birthplace Home.

• Nodaway Valley Free Clinic receiving $7,500 to serve those in the community with no medical coverage.

• Page County Agricultural Fair Board receiving $18,000 for the remodeling of the kitchen at Wibholm Hall

• Southwest Iowa families receiving $650 to purchase child therapy incentives.

• St John Noah’s Ark Childcare Center receiving $5,000 enabling them to get more space licensed in order to serve more families and children with day care services.

The Clarinda Foundation does not limit applicants to the maximum dollar amount that can be requested for a project, but does prefer that the dollar amount requested for the project is matched dollar for dollar by the applicant. The size of the grant is not as important as the potential impact of the proposed project for the community.

The Clarinda Foundation awards grants on an annual basis using an application process. Any organization wishing to apply must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit or a unit of local government. The Foundation’s Grant Committee members review all applications and listen to a short presentation from each of the applying organizations. The Grant Committee members form recommendations for the awards and then present them to the entire Board for a final determination.

The Foundation’s annual grant cycle begins the first working day in the month of April with the application posted on the Foundation’s website at

www.clarindafoundation.com. Recipients of the annual grants are determined each year at the Board’s July meeting with a recognition event held each August.

For more information regarding the Foundation’s grant process or how you can give to the Foundation for the benefit of the community please contact 712-542-4412 or clarindafound@iowatelecom.net.

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