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There are only two candidates for the two Clarinda Regional Health Center board seats on the Nov. 5 ballot.

One candidate is Bryan Whipp who was appointed to the board in early 2018 after filling a vacancy that lasted until this election. Whipp said his work since being on the board has motivated him to run for a full term.

“Things seem to be working well. I’ve learned I don’t know much about hospitals.”

Whipp said he was expecting to need a great amount of time to understand operations at the center and to become an effective board member.

“I’m just now starting to be more fluid. A lot of it is basic business and personnel. That’s easy. But the technical things with Medicare, insurance and government programs, that takes a lot.”

As Whipp is working with the center, he said he sees the results of decisions.

“We’ve been fortunate. We have a good administrator. We’ve made some good moves. Employees seem more involved. Board members have to keep their ears to the community on what it likes and doesn’t like.”

Jeff Clark is the other candidate for the board.

“I want to serve my community in a good, positive way,” he said. “This is a good way to do it. The hospital is headed in a good direction. I want to be part of the growth and the things going on.”

Clark has worked at Lisle Corp. since 2002 and contributes to the company’s safety procedures. He also assists with EZ Way, a subsidiary of Lisle.

Clark has been on the Clarinda A’s baseball board and been a member of various school related committees.

A seat held by Ron Richardson expires this year and he chose not to run again.

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