A request from the new owners of the Inda-Clar to create an outdoor service area was denied Wednesday, July 10, by the Clarinda City Council.

Chris and Neeli Eickemeyer are purchasing the recreation parlor located at 109 W. Washington St. in Clarinda.

As the new owners, they submitted an application to the city for a liquor license that included the commercial sale of alcohol, the sale of alcohol on Sundays and the creation of an outdoor service area.

Clarinda Police Chief Keith Brothers attend the council meeting Wednesday at City Hall to review the application with the council.

“I recommend approval for the commercial license as well as the Sunday sales as we do for any other establishment of that type, as long as there are no problems, which there did not seem to be any,” Brothers said.

However, Brothers said he recommended the outdoor service area not be allowed at the current time. The proposed site of the service area was on the north, or rear, of the building adjacent to the city alley.

Clarinda City Manager Gary McClarnon, Deputy City Clerk Diane Stanton, Clarinda Fire Chief Roger Williams and Brothers conducted an on-site inspection of the proposed area earlier Wednesday. Brothers said that inspection revealed there is still a lot of work to be done at the site and there are logistical concerns that need to be addressed.

“I think a neighborhood impact study needs to be done because it’s a very small area and in close proximity to some other commercial businesses as well as private dwellings, apartment houses and things of that nature,” Brothers said.

Therefore, Brothers said all four officials agreed the outdoor service area should not be approved as part of the current license application. Brothers said a new application for the outdoor service area could be considered in the future once the concerns raised during the inspection are addressed.

After discussing the issue with Brothers, council member Jeff McCall moved the city council approve the application for a commercial liquor license with Sunday sales. Council member Gary Alger seconded the motion and the council unanimously voted to approve the license with Sunday sales.

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