HJ - Garfield Intersection Realignment

A project to realign the intersection of East Garfield and South 12th streets, picutred,, will not begin until September. On Monday, Aug. 5, the 100 block of East Main Street will be closed for construction of Bank Iowa’s new facility. (Herald-Journal photo by John Van Nostrand)

Approval for three special activities in the community in coming months was given by the Clarinda City Council during its meeting Wednesday, July 24.

On Aug. 29, beginning at 4 p.m., a “Back to School Dash” will take place, consisting of one-mile and two-mile courses. Participants can choose to run or walk those distances.

The starting and ending point for both events will be at the corner of South 13th and East Main streets.

  The rectangular course for the one-mile event will be along East Main to South Ninth Street, to East Garfield Street and then to South 14th Street.

The route for the two-mile event will be on East Main to the Clarinda City Park where it will incorporate the trail by the Lied Center before connecting to South Sixth Street. It will then go on East Garfield to South 13th.

The events have been organized as a cooperative effort by the Clarinda Regional Health Center and the Clarinda School District.

  “There will be plenty of help from both the school and the hospital, and people will be posted at the corners,” said Greg Jones, CRHC director of ancillary services.

  Proceeds from the events, which will coincide with a “Back to School Bash” sponsored by Easter’s True Value, will be used to support a program to supply backpacks to school children.

“We are going to partner with the school on this,” Jones said. T-shirts will be produced to mark participation.

The council granted a request by Eric Rhodes to close South 19th Street between Main and Stuart streets between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Oct. 31 for Halloween-related activities that Rhodes is planning at his residence at 111 South 19th.

“I want to do this to enhance the entertainment values of kids and their families,” he said.

The city will provide barricades for Rhodes to set up on both ends of that section of the block. He will remove them after the event concludes.

Clarinda Police Chief Keith Brothers noted that since the activities will be occurring “during darkness, I would like to see some flashing lights in addition to the barricades.”

“They’ll be lighting out there,” Rhodes said. “I’ll probably have my car in the middle of the street.”

Also in the street, he said, will be a stage where “kids can have sing-alongs, ‘air bands’ and other things for those who are waiting to go through the yard.”

The event is open to the public, and there is no charge, Rhodes said.

In other matters at the council meeting, City Manager Gary McClarnon provided information on some current and scheduled projects in the community,

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is reviewing the final design phase of the project to build a new sewer treatment plant.

“We’re assuming it’s going to be okay at this point,” McClarnon said, “since they haven’t come back to us yet.”

  He said he has talked with project engineers, and bid documents are expected to be available on Aug. 1.

“We’ll actually hold the bid-letting on Sept. 5, so we’re getting closer” to selecting a listed contractor, he said.

A pre-construction meeting has taken place regarding the South 16th Street patching project, which could be starting either Aug. 5 or Sept. 2. The contractor is currently finishing some interstate highway work.

“They have to start by Sept. 2,” McClarnon said. “That is their late start date. They’ve got 30 days according to the contract, but they think it will only be 10 days.”

A one-block section of East Main Street from 16th Street to 15th Street will be closed on Aug. 5 so that construction components can be brought in for the Bank Iowa project.

“They are going to start erecting steel at that time,” McClarnon said.

A project to realign the intersection of East Garfield and South 12th streets will not begin until September.

“I was really disappointed in this one,” McClarnon said, noting that the work would be underway after school classes for the fall semester have started in Clarinda.

Problems with school buses navigating the misalignment at the intersection were cited as elements in the need for the project.

McClarnon also gave the council a report on the total general obligation debt the city had as of June 30. The report is required annually

The amount is $1,365,000, with the constitutional limit at $10,303,000.

  “So right now were sitting at 13.2 percent of our debt limit, which is very good,” McClarnon said.

  Next year, he added, “that will change because we’ll be looking at issuing some bonds for street projects, so it will go up.”

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