HJ - Clarinda Potholes

Pavement near the intersection of West Main Street and Cardinal Drive breaks into pieces. The city of Clarinda has used four times the normal amount of material to fill potholes after a snow-filled winter. City officials are researching funding street work including a remodel of the South 12th Street and East Garfield Street intersection. (Herald-Journal photo by John Van Nostrand)

Although the city of Clarinda is two years away from undertaking an extensive street improvement project, the harsh winter Clarinda endured has forced the city to address the condition of some of its primary thoroughfares.

The Clarinda City Council voted Wednesday, May 22, to proceed with the milling and overly of some of the most critical streets damaged during the winter. Blacktop Service Company of Humboldt provided an estimate of $128,773 for the project and will complete the work this summer.

“This winter was very rough on our streets, so I had (Public Works Department Director Adam Brown) pick out some of the worst areas we had. He came up with quite a list,” Clarinda City Manager Gary McClarnon said.

Streets contained in the project include portions of South 12th Street, East State Street, West Main Street, North 19th Street and West Nishna Street.

“I think this is something we probably do need to go ahead and proceed with because 12th Street and State Street are main thoroughfares that are in really bad shape,” McClarnon said. “These are by far the worst streets that didn’t winter very well this year.”

In order to finance the street project, McClarnon said the city could take money from a street improvement account that was created with Local Option Sales Tax revenue. Some Tax Increment Financing money left over from the LaPerla Street project and Glenn Miller Avenue project in front of Clarinda Middle School could also be applied to the project.

Earlier in the meeting, the council set a public hearing for Wednesday, June 26, regarding the designation of the Agriland FS Urban Renewal Area. The company has started an expansion project that will involve TIF money.

“Between now and then, I will have to get the Planning and Zoning Commission together to give you guys a letter of recommendation. Then, I will have to meet with the school board members and also Page County Supervisors. What I’ll do is just set a meeting and invite them to it,” McClarnon said.

A public hearing was also held Wednesday regarding the proposed amendment to the current city budget for the fiscal year ending June 30.

McClarnon proposed adding $314,000 in additional revenue to the budget. That would include a $308,000 increase in revenue from the water plant. That would include $184,000 in insurance reimbursements the plant received after sustaining wind damage last year.

The city has also received $124,000 in reimbursements from NSK Corporation for the water supply project at the plant.

At the same time, expenditures in the budget would be amended by $426,000. Those added costs included $352,000 in business activities including $100,000 for the purchase of land for the new sewer plant and $252,000 for repairs to the water plant after it sustained wind damage.

Other expenses included in the total amendment were $8,000 in public safety relating to equipment purchases by the fire department; $26,000 in culture and recreation that included the purchase of new playground equipment; and $40,000 in community and economic development for a housing grant to the CEDC.

“In total, we had $112,000 were taking out the balances,” McClarnon said.

No oral or written objections to the proposed amendment were presented during the hearing. Therefore, the council passed a resolution approving the amendment.

A request to close the downtown square for the 44th Annual Glenn Miller Festival was also approved during the meeting. The square will be closed at 5 p.m. Thursday, June 6, for an outdoor concert.

The council also considered two requests to close city streets for local block parties.

Duane Wood requested closing East Willow Street from 15th to 16th Street Saturday, June 1, from approximately 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. He said the party was intended for the neighbors to meet each other and children would be playing games, such as soccer, in the street during the day.

Scott Brown requested South 15th Street from Page Street to LaPerla Street be closed from 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 2, to 2 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 3, for a block party for the community. Brown said a live band would be playing on the Hi-Tech Electronics property and permits were in place to allow those attending to bring their own alcohol.

Clarinda Police Chief Keith Brothers said Wood and Brown would each need to have liability insurance in place for the events. The council approved the requests provided both the organizers presented the city with proof of the insurance prior to the dates of the block parties.

In other business, a resolution was approved authorizing United Missouri Bank to handle any General Obligation bonds sold by the city and make the necessary payments for those bonds. Bankers Trust Company had performed that service for the city, but the company was recently purchased by United Missouri Bank.

McClarnon said the change in the handler of the bonds would also have to be updated on the online report the city must complete. The report is used by companies to evaluate the potential purchase of the bond issued by the city.

A pay request of $24,042.60 from Grand Contracting LLC for the Clarinda Facade Rehabilitation Project was also approved. McClarnon said the project is 95 percent complete.

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