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Because of condition and where the roads lead, Page County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved changing the classification of portions of two roads during their meeting Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Supervisors approved a portion of Sycamore Avenue, south of the 110th Street intersection to be class C. That is located north of Hepburn in extreme northern part of the county. Class C roads typically receive minimal maintenance during the year. The county will install gates at each end of the portion of the road to prevent through traffic.

On the telephone with nearby landowner Robert Greenfield, he told supervisors the area near the road is popular with deer poaching and suspicious activities.

Supervisors also approved changing about a mile of 140th Street between U.S. Highway 59 and A Avenue, located west of Essex.

There are multiple farmland owners along that stretch. Troy Nielsen, who farms the land along the road, said about one-fourth of a mile off from Highway 59 is rock and the remaining amount is dirt. He said he accesses his farm ground from Highway 59 while the others use A Avenue.

Other landowners have informed the county they are concerned about vegetation growth along the road as a class C. Supervisors were confident the maintenance plan for the road will address those issues. The dirt portion of the road is not in ideal conditions.

Nielsen said he wonders about perception of the county’s interests in roads when people see the gates, which have not yet been scheduled to be installed.

“People don’t think we care anymore,” he said.

In other county news…

Supervisors are still reviewing and researching budgets for each department as the budget must be approved by March 15.

While meeting with Sheriff Lyle Palmer Feb. 5, supervisors approved a $1,000 stipend to Tony Shackleford for his additional work on technology and other needs within the sheriff department. The approval was only a one-time payment.

Stipends are not new to the county as in October one was approved for the coordinator of the county’s safety committee.

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