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The new year brings preparation for the fiscal year 2021 budget for the Page County Board of Supervisors.

During the board’s meeting Tuesday, Jan. 7, supervisors were informed of previous activity at the county’s libraries, which is a regular budget item for the county. No decisions were made.

Libraries are in Clarinda, Coin, Essex and Shenandoah.

According to information provided by library representatives, the four libraries totaled 108,287 visitors in fiscal year 2019, which ended June 30, 2019. There are a total of 10,346 card holders and 991 rural card holders.

The libraries saw a sharp increase in the borrowed ebooks at 13,531. Last year the amount was about 8,500, an increase of 68 percent. Library representatives noted how some customers had to wait an extended amount of time for their desired ebook to be available.

The libraries had a total of 909 programs and had 566 meetings held in their facilities with a total of 16,474 in attendance.

Wendy Mueller from West Central Community Action requested $3,500 from the supervisors, the same amount from previous years. The organization provides various services to Page County residents including assistance for heating bills during the winter months. No action was taken.

Supervisors started the first meeting of the year by naming Chuck Morris as chairman and approved their list of committees and alternates.

Clarinda Cluster Local Decat Governance Board – Chuck Morris; (Alternate – Jon Herzberg)

4th Judicial Dist. Dept. of Corr. Services – Alan Armstrong (Alternate – Herzberg) (Code of Iowa 331.311 (1b))

Golden Hills Resource & Development – Herzberg (Alternate – Armstrong)

Human Services Council –Morris (Alternate - Armstrong)

Hungry Canyons Alliance –Herzberg (Alternate –Armstrong)

Juvenile Detention Center –Herzberg (Alternate –Armstrong)

Loess Hills Development & Conservation Authority (LHDCA) Board of

Directors –Herzberg

E911 Service Board–Herzberg

Page County Emergency Management Commission –Morris

Page County Enterprise Zone Commission –Armstrong

Page County Landfill Assn. Board –Herzberg (Alternate – Armstrong)

Page Co. Loss Control Coordinator for Liability Insurance Coverage –Armstrong

Page Co. MH/MR Coordinating Board - All three supervisors

RPA (Regional Planning Authority) Area 13—Alan Armstrong (Alternate Jon Herzberg)

Southwest Iowa Mental Health Regional Planning –Morris (Alternate- Herzberg)

Southwest Iowa Planning Council—SWIPCO –Armstrong (Alternate – Herzberg)

Waubonsie Mental Health Center – Morris (Alternate – Herzberg)

West Central Community Action (WCCA) –Armstrong (Alternate – Herzberg)

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) –Armstrong (Alternate –Morris)

Zion Recovery Services, Inc. –Morris (Alternate – Alan Armstrong)

In other supervisor action…

Tom Johnson was reappointed to the county board of conservation for a five-year term. His term expired the end of 2019 and he was the only applicant.

Supervisors appointed Chad Tiemeyer and Tish Frazier to the county board of public health. They replace Chris Adcock and Holly Martin for three-year terms. Other applicants were Martin, Lori Gibson, Karie Martin and Jessica Herzberg.

A bid of $10 from Julie Walters was approved for the grain bins on county property south of Clarinda. Supervisors are cleaning up what is known as the county farm.

Multiple lots in Blanchard under a county held tax sale certificate were approved to transfer to Rudy Brownfield. An additional lot is expected to be included later in the month.

Supervisors approved the resignation of Rob Marsh as medical investigator.

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