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Page County Board of Supervisors and County Engineer J.D. King had budgeted $625,000 for the construction of two new buildings for the secondary roads department at its location at East State Street and North Sixth Street in Clarinda. One building was intended as an office space for King and the other building was to be for storage of equipment and materials that are left outside.

While preparing to write the fiscal year 2021 budget, Page County Board of Supervisors will consider converting funds intended for new buildings for secondary roads to purchasing road-related equipment.

No action was taken.

A year ago, the county set aside $625,000 for two, new buildings for secondary roads at its Clarinda complex. One building was to be an office and garage space for Engineer J.D. King. The other building was for storage. Neither building was approved as bids were greater than desired. The county did pay about $80,000 in fees related to the buildings’ plans and design.

For most of last week, supervisors met with department heads and reviewed proposed budgets.

King had suggested Jan. 23 using the $625,000 for a motor grader and brush cutter spread over two fiscal years. Fiscal year 2020 ends June 30. King is having extensive engine work done to a motor grader.

Supervisor Chuck Morris was cautious about purchasing everything on King’s list.

“I don’t want to make you equipment poor and I don’t think you are equipment poor,” he said.

Supervisor Alan Armstrong doesn’t want King short, knowing a grader is in for repairs. Supervisor Jon Herzberg was also in favor of purchasing a road grader.

In other department budget review….

Supervisors are considering a budget for the remodeling of the former First United Methodist Church education building in Clarinda purchased last year. Supervisors have met with building designers about its vision for the building and expect to have a cost proposal in February.

Suggestions are to have 911 dispatch, public health and the county safety coordinator’s office in the building.

County Attorney Carl Sonksen said he is interested in adding a staff member to act as a victim coordinator and for collections. He said there may be grants available to fund that position.

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