About $200,000 more than what was expected, the Page County Board of Supervisors rejected both bids Tuesday, Aug. 27 for a proposed office building for the secondary roads department.

            Working with Snyder and Associates from Atlantic, the county budgeted $339,500 for a 36 x 90 building to be built on the secondary roads complex on East State Street in Clarinda. The lowest bid was $529,800 from Jensen Builders in Fort Dodge. A second bid was $554,265 from United Construction Service in Atlantic.

            “I was way off,” said Tim Teig, from Snyder, who has worked with County Engineer J.D. King about the building.

            The specifications included a building with a mix of concrete walls and wood frame. Teig speculated the cost of the HVAC and electrical work, at a total of about $150,000, was a main reason for the increased cost.

            The intent for the office building is to move King’s office from a county-owned building on West Washington Street in Clarinda to the secondary roads complex. That would make the West Washington Street office building available for Page County Public Health which is on the third floor of the courthouse. Supervisors want public health in an easier accessible location.

            As a cost saving measure, supervisors consented to revise the office building specifications to have the shell a steel building. Teig said that should lower the cost compared to a mix of concrete and wood frame. Teig and the supervisors agreed it’s not likely a construction company would take on this size of project with fall approaching.

            Supervisors agreed to rewrite the specifications and bid the building again and have a construction begin in the fall. A bid schedule was not discussed.

            Supervisors also want to build a storage garage for secondary roads but have not started that bid process.  

            Earlier this year, supervisors rescinded a $260,000 bid from Robbins Construction for the office building because the plans were not approved by a licensed building engineer. Supervisors have a total budget of $625,000 for both buildings.

            In other supervisor news….

            King will further research cost estimates to improve multiple weirs in the county. Weirs are devices placed in rives that alters the flow of the water, and can still allow fish to pass through.


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