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Page County officials will begin researching how to legally and fairly get rid of a piece of its own property – one that had been on a property owner’s tax statement for years.

During the Page County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, July 16, Clarinda real estate agent George Crawford informed the supervisors of a piece of land, about three-fourths of an acre, along West Oak Street on the north side of Clarinda.

That piece of land is continuous to farm ground scheduled to be sold by another owner in September.

Crawford explained, in 1995 the street was remodeled and the new route divided private property. At that time, the county had paid the property owner $513 for the newly created lot on the other side of the road, but did not remove the lot, and equated tax valuation, from the owner’s property tax statement.

Crawford said the property owner had paid the taxes on that land for 24 years until it was formally removed from his statement. The county is still considered the owner of the land.

Legal counsel informed the supervisors it will research how to legally get rid of the land as the county is not interested in owning. One suggestion is for the owners with the land sale later this year to purchase the property, then include it in their sale.

In other county news…

The bridge east of Coin is for traffic. It has been closed for repairs for the past month.

County Engineer J.D. King told the supervisors one of the existing storage buildings on the secondary roads workshop in Clarinda has some asbestos in window frames. King did not expect the capture and removal of the asbestos to be a significant project. The county is considering a new storage building on the lot.

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