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            A social media post earlier this month by Page County Veterans’ Affairs Administrator Janet Olsen offering funeral planning was removed days later since neither her or her office are certified for that service.

            During the Tuesday, Feb. 12, Page County Board of Supervisors meeting, the board met with the county veterans affairs board members. Supervisor Alan Armstrong said he was contacted by others who informed him of Olsen’s plan of $55 monthly payments for three years to fund a funeral for a veteran. The offer was on the VA’s Facebook page.

            Armstrong speculated the post was first seen Feb. 3, but deleted later that week.

            “There is a lot of risk on one person. And it ties us all together,” he told the VA board of Gary Alger, Ron Gibson and Wendy Batson. Board members were thankful to the supervisors for informing them.

            Olsen was not in attendance, but Armstrong said she had already apologized for the action.

            Armstrong said a funeral home director told him he can’t offer a funeral for the price of $1,980.

            Armstrong does not know if any person had accepted the offer.

            In other supervisor news…

            Supervisor Chuck Morris asked about the feasibility of funding food programs for children in need in Page County. 

            “We have poverty in the county and kids malnourished,” he said. Morris added those children rely on school lunch programs, but wonder what happens to those kids when weather forces school to close for the day.

            “How many kids in the county suffer,” he said.

            Morris suggested using some of the local option sales tax revenue or revenue from county land that is leased to be farmed to fund a food program.

            Morris and the others mentioned the other food programs offered in the county, like the summer lunch programs and food banks in Clarinda and Shenandoah.

            Armstrong, who said he sees children in the county in need, suggested Morris research other food programs offered in the county to see where and how county government could get involved. No action was taken.




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