IAMO Telephone Company gave $5,000 to the city of Burlington Junction, Missouri, and the Blazers city youth baseball program for ball field improvements.

Half, $2,500, of the funds provided by IAMO were used for the repair of Clarinda street which leads from U.S. Highway 136 to the ball field. The other $2,500 was used to rebuild the demolished cook shack and bathrooms at the B.J. city field. The field is used by school, extracurricular and community groups for activities throughout the year.

“This project had phases”, stated Shayli Larabee, Project Manager. She continued, “The old structure was out of code and had not been updated for years. The City and Project Board agreed it [the previous cook shack and bathrooms] needed to come down so we could start over.” Additional updates that took place include new outfield fencing, re-sloping of the infield, addition of sugar dirt for quicker-drying, and updated lighting. Volunteers received $75,000 from the Gladys Rickard Grant for the repairs. Many residents also have donated labor and money toward progress. To date, only finishing touches remain to be completed.

While the bulk of this project has been completed, the Project Board hopes to add more safety features such as backstop pad, dugouts rooves, outfield wind screens, outfield fence toppers, warning tracks and removal of dated playground equipment. To contribute to improvements please contact Shayli Larabee at 660.254.0077.

IAMO’s Dividend Program With recent growth of IAMO Telephone Company, they are giving back to the communities they serve. IAMO has been updating data services for phone, tv and internet by replacing old service lines with fiber optic data feeds.

IAMO Telephone Company was formed in 1962 serving Southwest Iowa communities. It later merged to include coverage in neighboring Missouri.

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