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Three new members will join the Iowa Western Community College Board of Trustees.

The candidates, all of whom ran unopposed Nov. 5, replaced three board members who did not run for re-election.

In District I, John McBride of Shenandoah was elected with 2,742 votes, or 98.95% of the ballots cast, according to the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. He replaced trustee Gregg Connell, who finished the unexpired term of the late Fred Lisle of Clarinda but did not run for a full term. The district includes most or all of the Clarinda, Essex, Farragut, Hamburg, Shenandoah and South Page Community School Districts.

In District II, Stan Sibley of Glenwood received 1,767 votes, or 98.49% of those cast, the Secretary of State’s website stated. He replaced longtime board member Larry Winum, who did not run for re-election. District II is made up of all of the East Mills, Fremont-Mills, Glenwood, Malvern and Sidney Community School Districts.

In District III, Dr. John Marshall received 1,406 votes, or 98.39% of the ballots cast, to win his first full term on the board after finishing the unexpired term of the late Doug Goodman, the website stated. District III includes all of the Lewis Central and Treynor School Districts.

In District VI, Scott Williams of Council Bluffs received 625 votes, or 98.12% of the vote, to fill a vacancy left by Kathy Rieger, who resigned her seat to move. District VI is the western side of Council Bluffs.

In District VIII, longtime board member Connie Hornbeck of Missouri Valley was re-elected with 2,601 votes, or 99.16% of the ballots cast, according to the Secretary of State’s website. District VIII includes part or all of Boyer Valley, Logan-Magnolia, Missouri Valley, Underwood, West Harrison and Woodbine Community School Districts.

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