HJ - Adams County Shriners

The Adam County Shriners perform during the 2018 New Market Fourth of July Parade. Community events like the Fourth of July celebration and the efforts of the New Market Housing Committee have made the city attractive to new families looking to settle in the area. (Herald-Journal file photo)

New Market is like most small, rural communities across Iowa in a lot of ways – it has to work hard to stay relevant, especially to new families moving it. However, it’s unique in a lot of other ways that make it more attractive than most.

It’s clean, quiet, close to several communities for work, safe, and family-oriented. According to Rick Cabbage, head of New Market’s Housing Committee, “we have a thriving, strong community that has so much to offer to new families that want to build here, and we are working hard to make that possible.”

To make it easy and affordable for new home builders, the City of New Market and the New Market Foundation Housing Committee has secured and cleaned up several lots. These lots are mostly being secured through tax sales. Others are being purchased in exchange for income tax incentives. Currently the committee has control of six lots with more in the works. There are also several others available for sale.

The Housing Committee has cleaned up the lots and is currently building a 3-bedroom/2-bathroom house that they anticipate will be available for sale this Fall. The design and building of this new home is being done in cooperation with Rural Housing 360.

Rural Housing 360 is one of the options available to new home builders. This agency supports the building and purchase of homes in rural communities. Through Rural Housing 360, you can design, build, and finance your new home.

Learn more at www.ruralhousing360.com. Steve Gilbert, Founder of Rural Housing 360, is committed to working with local suppliers and contractors as much as possible.

Both the City of New Market and the Farmers Mutual Telephone Company are offering incentives for those who purchase lots to build on or purchase the homes that the Housing Committee is building. In addition, an area employer is offering its employees incentives for building in New Market.

Cabbage says, “The New Market Housing Committee is striving to have New Market be recognized as one of the top small towns in Iowa for excellent quality of living and we are well on our way!”

For more information, call Rick Cabbage at 712-303-7210 or Larry McAlpin at 641-442-5080.

The committee is also considering another Make- A- Difference day this Fall. If you have a project you would like help with by this group you can also call the above numbers for that.

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