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Page County Board of Supervisors met John Schwab Aug. 20 who was hired earlier this month by the county conservation board as its new executive director.

In the position, Schwab will replace park officer Rich Wallace who will retire in September. A resident of Clarinda for nine years, Schwab has a military background and his wife grew up in Page County. He started work this week.

The executive director is to serve as an advisor to the board and develop the board’s strategic plan. Schwab will oversee conservation programs, parks, budget, equipment and staff.

Early next year, Schwab will attend the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy for 16 weeks of training.

Schwab was introduced to the supervisors by conservation board member Holly Martin and conservation director Charly Stevens. Schwab will work from the conservation office on U.S. Highway 71 north of Clarinda.

Martin informed the supervisors a proposal to erect a statue of a mammoth in Rapp Park north of Shenandoah was declined by the conservation board because of liability issues. The pond at Pioneer Park, located on Highway 2 between Clarinda and Shenandoah, is expected to be drained later this year for improvements.

In other supervisor news…

Supervisors will have about three-fourths of an acre of county land sold at auction in September with the adjacent, privately-owned land.

Earlier this summer supervisors began researching how to sell the property that was created in 1995 after West Oak Street in Clarinda was rerouted. The new path split private property and the county, at that time, paid the property owner for the lot. But the lot, and tax valuation, was still listed on the property owner’s tax statement. The property was removed from the tax rolls earlier this year.

County Engineer J.D. King informed the supervisors he will research cost estimates to improve multiple weirs throughout the county. A weir is a barrier spread across the width of a river that changes the flow of the water and height of the river level.

Supervisors approved tax abatement for Evon Carlson and for the city of Essex for the lot at 701 Iowa Avenue.

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