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It showed some growth.

The Kenneth and Mildred Jensen Trust sold 1,282 acres of land near the former Clarinda Mental Health Institute and northeast of town on Sept. 27. The land had been in the Jensen family since 1965.

Although more land was sold last month than what the Jensen’s purchased 54 years ago, the sale price comparison is staggering. According to auction records after the sale last month, seven different buyers purchased the land for a cumulative total of about $7.5 million. That is about 30 times more than the final sale amount in 1965.

Auctioneer George Crawford gave the Herald-Journal some history on the Jensen purchase in 1965. We found some more.

From the Dec. 13, 1965, Clarinda Herald-Journal

Sale of the Mental Health Institute farm land was approved by the state’s executive council Friday. Dr. K V Jensen of Clarinda being awarded the 885.37 acres as the highest bidder.

Total sale price figured by the officials came to $241,520.72. This included 384.77 acres west of the hospital grounds at $156 an acre and 500.6 acres east of the grounds at $361. The sale also included Willowdale apartment building and several farm buildings on the property sold.

From the Dec. 9, 1965 Clarinda Herald-Journal

Five parcels had been bid separately and then divided according to location. The land east of the MHI, which includes Willowdale and the 500.6 acres of land near the river sold for $361 per acre and the 405.77 acres west of the MHI for $156 per acre.

The Willowdale land, a 200.69 acre tract bordered on the west by the road and including the brick farm house with all improvements for apartments.

From the May 4, 1911, Clarinda Journal

A vast amount of information concerning the Clarinda State Hospital is contained in the 12th biennial report of the superintendent of the Clarinda State Hospital at Clarinda, to the board of control of state institutions for the period ending June 30, 1910.

(The story stated how the report was “printed at the Iowa State Reformatory at Anamosa. Although done by criminals, it is a sample of fair printing, and in fact so good a job that the men who did it ought to have been smart enough to be correspondingly decent and to keep out of prison.”)

The Clarinda State Hospital real estate comprises 863 acres with something like 63 acres devoted to building sites and parks, and the remainder to farm and garden products. For the biennial period ending June 30, 1910, the value of the farm and garden products of the hospital aggregated $60,755. There were 61 different items in the products, the greatest being hay, 838 tons, valued at $6,780. The smallest crop was honey, 45 pounds, worth $3.60.

Within the biennial period there were 571.880 pounds of ice manufactured, valued at $228.09, 92,900 pounds of soft soap manufactured, valued at $3,716. The value of articles manufactured in the industrial room was $7,602.20, in fancy work class$485.50. 32,045 articles were manufactured in the sewing room.

Fruit canned totaled 4,302 gallons and was comprised of apple butter, cherries, chili sauce, pickles, plums and tomatoes.

When the Willowdale cottage of the Clarinda State Hospital is rebuilt it is to be a fire proof structure, probably of brick. It is intended to have it completed by next fall. It will take the place of the old frame structure destroyed by fire Jan. 4, 1910. The new building will be erected on the site of the old on what was formerly a part of the John Behm farm. The new Willowdale will be lighted by electricity from the main state hospital building; will have its own kitchen where the cooking will be done, while supplies will be furnished it from Willowdale store of the main building. Willowdale will accommodate 50 male patients of the mild form. The state has appropriated $20,000 for this building.

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