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The South Page School Board approved the proposed sharing agreement with Clarinda during its meeting held Wednesday, June 12.

Earlier this year, South Page administration explained how its trend of declining enrollment and ability to staff certain high school courses influenced the district to share with Clarinda.

“We will have joint board meetings during the year to see how it’s working,” said South Page Superintendent Tim Hood after the meeting. “We will get together early in the school year and later on.”

Those meetings have not yet been scheduled.

Hood said he expects the South Page board to be flexible with those dates knowing Clarinda is in search of a new superintendent.

The agreement begins with the 2019-2020 school year and includes the regular student population of South Page high school students, excluding those students open enrolled out of South Page to any other district, including Clarinda. It does include students who are open enrolled from other districts into South Page.

The agreement includes all academic and extra-curricular and co-curricular programming in grades nine through 12. South Page students will attend school in Clarinda based on each student’s need.

The Clarinda school board also approved the sharing of all athletic programs with South Page, with the exception of high school football.

The addition of South Page students into Clarinda’s program would change Clarinda’s football classification to 2A, and Clarinda would not eligible for the 1A football playoffs, should they qualify. Clarinda has at least one more season in 1A. Classifications are reviewed every two years.

South Page will pay Clarinda an amount equal to 100 percent of the total designated by the state as the regular district cost per pupil for Clarinda for the 2019-2020 term based on hours of attendance for each South Page student taking classes in Clarinda. Actual amounts will depend on the number of South Page students in Clarinda on Oct. 1 and then again in February 2020.

In the agreement, South Page will transport its nine through 12th grade students to and from Clarinda each school day for all academic and extra-curricular activities. Clarinda will provide transportation to South Page students in grades nine through 12 for extra-curricular events held outside Clarinda.

  Clarinda will reimburse South Page 7 percent of total tuition received for transportation to and from Clarinda for academic services.

 The Clarinda school board agreed to assume the food service management for the South Page district for a fee of $3,000. Meals for South Page students will continue to be prepared in College Springs. Traci DeBolt, Clarinda food service director, will oversee management of the South Page food service program.

Registration fees for 2019-2020 will be the same as last year.

Contracts for paras, secretary, bus drivers and cooks were approved.

The South Page board approved the resignation of Connie Yorker as special education teacher. She retired. Tina Miller’s resignation as business teacher was approved.

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