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The Southwest Regional Water District held its 47th Annual Membership meeting on March 11th.

Annual financial reports and updates to several water system improvement projects highlighted the meeting. SWRWD provides public drinking water service to 2,243 rural residents and 11 communities in southwest Iowa.

In 2019 the Water District was approved for $220,410.00 in FEMA grants to fund 90% of reconstruction costs to 11 pipeline river and stream crossings damaged by severe flooding. This work was completed by Morris Excavation Co. of Cedar Rapids and J.W. Excavation and Crain Construction of Clarinda.

Last year the Iowa DNR and USDA Rural Development contacted the District to discuss options for providing future rural water service to the Town of Hamburg and the I29 Sapp Bros. in western Fremont county. Both community water systems were inundated and shut down for several weeks due to the 2019 spring flooding.

Meetings were held with both communities and an engineering firm was selected to complete a preliminary report and cost estimates for increasing the SWRWD groundwater supply capacity and extending the rural water service. This report is expected to be completed in 30 days. USDA informed SWRWD that federal flood relief grant funds could fund up to 80% of the $4.5 Million project.

This month SWRWD will hold a bid letting for the construction of 2- 600 GPM wells to be drilled into the Dakota aquifer in Montgomery county and the construction of 5 miles of 12” PVC pipe in north central Page county. The project will be funded with a $2.1 Million USDA loan and a $500,000 USDA grant.

Century Bank of Shenandoah has partnered with SWRWD to provide the interim financing. SWRWD secured a 10 Year IDNR aquifer withdrawal permit in June 2018 and an IDNR construction permit in December 2019. This project will increase the District’s groundwater supply by 1.2 MGD.

Last month SWRWD entered into a sandblasting and painting contract with Viking Industrial Painting to complete an interior and exterior blast and 3 coat paint system to its water tower located 2 miles west of Clarinda. The renovation work on this 500,000 Gallon elevated tank will begin sometime in late May or early June of this year and take approximately 6 weeks to complete. The District will provide water pressure to east Page county by pumping direct into the pipeline system. The tank renovation contract is for $366,000.00 and will include installing a tank mixer.

In October 2019 Nodaway County Rural Water of Maryville contacted the SWRWD to discuss options to sell water to the Missouri water district. Options to provide a water service capacity up to 100,000 GPD are being looked at by SWRWD engineers.

At the end of the meeting SWRWD officials advised the members and customers to be conscientious and attentive to their water use and possible line breaks on their private waterlines.

For the past two months the District has been pumping above average water usage and experiencing several waterline breaks at the customer meter pits.

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