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Former National Teacher of the Year Sarah Brown Wessling will visit the Clarinda Community School District Monday, Feb. 17, to work with members of the Teacher Leadership Compensation program and the teaching staff.

The district Board of Directors approved a contract with Wessling during its meeting Wednesday, Jan. 29, at the McKinley Central Office.

Wessling was named the National Teacher of the Year for 2010-2011. President Barack Obama bestowed Wessling with the honor during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden.

The Iowa Department of Education named Wessling the 2010 Iowa Teacher of the Year. She was then selected for the nation’s top teaching honor from among the other state teachers of the year.

Wessling has enjoyed a 19-year career in education. She currently holds a hybrid teaching position that allows her to work in the classroom as well as being involved in teacher leadership initiatives across the country.

Wessling had taught at Johnston High School for 10 years before being selected as the National Teacher of the Year. She also taught for one year at Cedar Falls High School.

Superintendent Chris Bergman said the cost to bring Wessling to Clarinda was still being determined. She said it typically costs $850 to have Wessling present a half day session. In addition, Bergman said planning meetings cost approximately $100 per hour.

“I mentioned she was coming and every AEA person said ‘can we come?’ So, also the reason you don’t have an exact number, is I believe the AEA will collaborate and contribute to some of that,” Bergman said.

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