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Participants in Clarinda register for the caucus during the 2016 event. Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucus is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 3 at locations across Page County and Iowa. (Herald-Journal file photo)

Caucuses are gatherings of neighbors and represent democracy in action. The purpose of Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation Democratic Caucus on Monday, Feb. 3, is to build the Democratic Party and prepare for the 2020 General Election in November.

Fundraising, conducting party business and declaring presidential candidate preferences are on the evening’s agenda. This year, three new locations and four previous locations across Page County will open their doors open at 6 p.m. for what will be the largest number of Caucus-goers since 2008.

Registered Iowa Democrats who will be 18 on or before Nov. 3, can take part in their precinct’s caucus. Non-resident and youth (over the age of 13) observers are welcome.

Page County made changes to three caucus locations. The Grant precinct will meet at the Coin City Hall. East River will meet at the Shambaugh City Hall.

The Shenandoah 1 precinct will meet at the Historical Museum on West Sheridan Ave. Clarinda 1 and 2 precincts will meet at the Clarinda Middle School, and Shenandoah 2 and 3 precincts will meet at the Shenandoah Middle School.

Essex will meet at the school.

Caucus locations can be found online. A comprehensive source of Caucus information is online,  www.TheCaucuses.Org/Caucusgoers. Click “Confirm Location” to find your caucus location.

Accommodations can be requested by calling Taylor Voss at 515-244-7292 or the Chair of the Page County Democrats, Chris Adcock at 515-851-9076.

To participate, all Caucus attenders must be in line no later than 7 p.m. Participants are able to register or change party affiliation at the door. An ID is not needed to caucus.

Volunteers are still being recruited in every precinct. Training will be provided. Help with babysitting, check-in, registration, and the general flow of the event is required. Anyone interested in volunteering may contact Chris Adcock at (515) 851-9076. Outside of Page County, contact the County Democratic Party Chair.

On Caucus night, attendees will first elect permanent precinct chairs and secretaries to run the evening›s program. Each precinct will elect members to the County Central Committee and discuss platform planks to send the county convention.

When the Caucus starts and all attendees are registered, the group viability number will be announced. All attendees will then break into preference groups. If a preference group is viable--with 15% of the total attendee count--those attendees are «locked in».

A second alignment allows the individuals in non-viable groups to move. Here, individuals in non-viable groups may persuade others to help build their group to viability, they may move and join or create a viable group, or they may choose to remain a supporter within a non-viable group.

Non-viable groups are not awarded delegates. Attendees who choose to remain in non-viable groups will forfeit their head count. After all alignments, each preference group elects the number of allotted delegates.

Subsequently, in a series of elections building up to the Democratic National Convention in July, precinct delegates--elected candidate representatives--will first attend the Page County Convention on March 21. After that election, the chosen county delegates will attend the 3rd District Convention for yet another election on April 25, in Atlantic.

District delegates will vie for a chance to move to the state convention June 13 in Des Moines. The winning state delegates will attend the Democratic National Convention July 13-16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Results will be released by the Iowa Democratic Party. Each candidate’s state delegate equivalents  are calculated using a ratio of state-to-county convention delegates based on tallies from each precinct. In other words, the ratio determines how many delegates the candidate would receive for the state convention based on the number of county convention delegates a presidential candidate receives Feb. 3.

New in 2020, presidential preference cards will be provided and required to document first and second alignment numbers. Additionally, the IDP will be releasing 1st alignment numbers and 2nd alignment numbers for each precinct.

To accommodate special populations in Page County, two satellite caucus locations within the county were requested but are “closed” to general members of the public. One Page County resident will caucus in Manila, Philippines.

Contact Chris Adcock, Page County Democratic Party Chairperson, at 515-851-9076 for more information.

The Page County Democrat Party convention will be Saturday, March 21 in the Page Room on the third floor of the courthouse.

Republican Party

Registration for Page County Republican caucuses beings at 6 p.m., Monday, Feb. 3. The caucus begins at 7 p.m.

Precinct locations include:

Clarinda 1 and 2: Garfield Elementary.

Braddyville, College Springs, Hepburn, Shambaugh, Yorktown and townships of Amity, Buchanan, Douglas, East River, Harlan, Nebraska, Nodaway and Valley: Garfield Elementary.

Shenandoah 1, 2, 3: Shenandoah High School.

Blanchard, Coin, Northboro, townships of Colfax, Grant, Lincoln, Morton, Tarkio and Washington: Shenandoah High School.

Essex and townships of Pierce and Fremont: Essex City Hall.

Republican members will be elected to serve on county central committees and delegates and alternate delegates will be selected for county party conventions.

The Page County Republican Party convention will be Saturday, March 14 in the Page Room on the third floor of the courthouse.

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