HJ - Voters at the Polls 2018

Voters prepare to head for the polls in a precinct in the Page County Courthouse. This year, city council and school board seats will be on the same Nov. 5 ballot. (Herald-Journal file photo)

Petitions to run for city council and school boards in Page County and Clarinda Regional Health Center board positions are available this week.

Petitions for city council must be returned by the end of the business day Thursday, Sept. 19 to the Page County Auditor’s office. School petitions are to be returned to the school district.

The election for all the positions is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

This will be the first election cycle where school board seats and city council seats are on the same ballot. Historically, school board elections have been in September. State legislation approved the merger with the intent to increase voter turnout.

Candidate information can be found online at sos.iowa.gov.

The following are the seats which will be on the November ballot. Also included are the number of signatures from eligible voters needed for the petition.

Blanchard City Council: Mayor Jeff Brownfield, council members Gary Brownfield, Wendy Brownfield, Laura Brownfield. Five signatures are needed.

Braddyville City Council: Mayor Kim Gotschall, council members Stacey Harvey, Larry Murphy, Mark Scanlan. Ten signatures are needed.

Clarinda City Council: Council members Craig Hill, Jeff McCall, Gary Alger. Hill was appointed to finish the term held by Lisa Hull who was elected mayor in 2017.

Clarinda Regional Health Center Board: Ron Richardson, Bryan Whipp. Whipp was appointed to finish the term of Heather Herzberg who resigned in 2017.

Twenty-five signatures are needed.

Clarinda School Board: Members Darin Sunderman, Greg Jones and Scott McComb. McComb was appointed to finish the term of Nola Bond who resigned earlier this year. Candidates need 44 signatures.

Coin City Council: Mayor TJ Horn; council members Marie Miller, Deb Coulter, Toni Sparr, John Nelson and Michelle Turnbull. Ten signatures are needed.

College Springs: Mayor, Michael Runyon; council members Jackie Cabeen, Brad Hammers, Amanda Owens, Chelsea Runyon, Mary Bottaro. Ten signatures are needed.

South Page School: Jackie Autry, Chris Drennen and Ron Peterman. Eleven signatures are needed.

Essex City Council: Council members Calvin Kinney, Patricia Gay and Saundra Marion. Ten signatures are needed.

Essex School Board: All five member seats are on the ballot; Becki Franks, Meredith Baker, Doug Ohnmacht, Brian Johnson, Lori Racine. Ohnmact was the only board member who did not change since the first of the year. Ten signatures are needed.

Hepburn City Council: Mayor Brian Rogers, council members Roger Miller, Arlene Raines, Lisa Miller, Donald Taylor and Kory Rogers. Kory replaced Kayla Rogers in July. Five signatures needed.

Northboro City Council: Mayor Clint Wright, council members Eric Nelson, Stone McCoy and William Orme. Five signatures needed.

Shambaugh City Council: Mayor Ron Peterman, council members Kevin Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Karen Miller, Sherry Stuvick and Joseph Dow. Dow filled a vacancy created by Bobbi Whitehill in February. Ten signatures are needed.

Shenandoah City Council: Ward 2 member Robert Burchett, at large member Aaron Green and park commission member Zac Zwickel. Twenty five signatures are needed.

Shenandoah School: Kip Anderson and Greg Ritchey. Forty-nine signatures are needed.

Yorktown: Council members Mathew Shum and Sharyn Clark. Five signatures are needed.

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