My name is Brandy Powers and I am with Page County Public Health as the Homemaker Services Supervisor among other duties. This year will make our second annual Adopt-A-Neighbor Christmas Project for our Homemaker clients.

 Just a bit of background on the homemaker services. We provide homemaker services to elderly and those unable to take care of themselves fully in Page County. We currently have 11 consumers who receive once or twice weekly services from us including but not limited to light housekeeping, errand running, meal prep, and assistance with money management. These services allow each to stay in their homes longer without having to move to such places as assisted living facilities. Nearly all of them do not have family living nearby or someone who would show kindness to them during the holiday outside of those of us in the office.

 If anyone would be interested in “adopting” one of our consumers, it would be expected to purchase a gift and a card to make their holiday a bit brighter (you can remain anonymous if you wish). We went around to our consumers over the last month during their service and gained a litter more information on their likes, dislikes and wishes.

If you are interested, I would give you the “About Me” information of a particular consumer, whether they are male or female, and ask the gift card be delivered to me by Dec. 9. This will allow time to wrap if needed and distribute to each consumer. Just as an example, I had a group of co-workers adopt an individual last year and they shared the expense.

Obviously, do not feel obligated to participate, but know our consumers will love the kindness shared with them. We had such a great response last year! Some individuals decided to give money/gift cards to the office, so we were able to make grab bags for each consumer with various quick snacks and health items (Chapstick, unscented lotion, etc.), which was a huge hit with all of them.

Thank you for considering participating. And thank you to those who made last year a great first year! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or sign up for “adoption.”

Page County Public Health is on the third story of the Page County Courthouse. I can be reached by email at

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