Edward Kelly Jr., Red Oak

As a Fundamentalist Pastor, I demonized Planned Parenthood rooting my bias in a rigid literal interpretation of scripture and ignored the social, economic and historical context of a woman’s life.

I ignored reality and created the illusion that if we could just get rid of Planned Parenthood, American would be a better, holier and blessed place. I began to think what America would look like without Planned Parenthood.

The first thing I thought was “well, there would be 1 million less abortions a year.” Is that true?

In the 2017-2018-year, PP provided 332,757 abortions of the 897,000 abortions that were performed. Meaning there are other providers, so getting rid of PP would not end abortion. The truth is without Planned Parenthood, there would be more abortions. Planned Parenthood has been instrumental in reducing teenage pregnancy.

In a 2015 report it was revealed that PP because of its birth control program averted 430,000 unintended pregnancies of which 140,000 would have resulted in abortion.

Without Planned Parenthood, 2.4 million people would not receive care.

The majority of those are from low income families (79 percent). Without PP: 70,000 women would have suffered from cancer because the cancer would not have been detected and 240,000 would not have known they had a STI. Without PP, there would be 740,000 less HIV tests and 570,000 women would not get breast checks or PAP tests.

Yes, American would be different without Planned Parenthood. Its health care would suffer, and women would suffer the most.

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