Gene Johnson, Shenandoah

I see now that the county supervisors are going to spend property-tax dollars to build an office building for the county.

I think this money needs to be spent on rural road maintenance. I urge the supervisors and the engineer to get out and drive on some of the roads, especially after a rain. All the roads have a berm of grass on each side which prevents the run off water from exiting the traveled portion of the road. So it rains down the road making ditches on either side some of them quite deep. Then between the hills it makes a pond of water. These berms need to be kept in check. Remove them so the water can exit the road.

In some cases these roads have almost been reduced to one-way traffic then you add these large field prayers and farm equipment to mix and it makes for a dangerous situation.

Also the tubes and bridges need some maintenance or replacement. Examples are an old, wooden box culver on C Avenue south of 170th Street is starting to deteriorate. There is a large tube on F Avenue north of Highway 2 that the water has got under the upstream end and started to lift.

I think the tax money that the land owners pay in should go back to the roads. After all, that’s what it’s for.

Again I urge the supervisors and engineer to drive these roads, even when they are dry, and tell the land owners and the farmers that this is as good as it gets.

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