Jane Stimson, Clarinda

The threat of our Page County horizons being littered with tall wind turbines is real. Just look in the night sky to the south and west! The powerful, corporations are coming through our townships trying to buy off landowners with the carrot of a yearly payment.

The county supervisors’ ordinance set wind turbine setback allowances as follows: 1250’ from participating landowners’ door. 1500’ from non-participating landowners door. 1.1 times the height of the wind turbine from a property line. Ex. 220’ for a 200’ wind turbine.

At three public meetings, citizens have voiced concerns about property rights for all landowners, participating and non-participating, with the property line being the main concern.

Wind turbine companies are on record stating that the danger zone at the base of a wind turbine is a 1300’ diameter. Draw a picture and do the math. A wind turbine 200-300’ from your property line will limit the safe activities on your property which is a basic violation of your property rights.

The supervisors have remained resolute in keeping the setbacks the wind turbine companies have told them they need to have to come into the county. Our elected officials are protecting the rights of the corporate wind companies, absentee landowners and a few local property owners at the expense of local property owners who want some protection for their lifestyle on their own property.

Check out Facebook: Coalition for Rural Property Rights and Prairie Wind Watchers

Voice your concern on Page County Horizons Facebook page.

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