The Iowa Motor Truck Association

Iowa’s trucking industry is proud of the contribution it makes daily to the quality of life for every Iowan. The Iowa Motor Truck Association (IMTA) is proud to release its annual “Important Facts About Trucking” report which once again underscores the importance of trucking in Iowa.

Did you know…

*65% percent of Iowa communities depend exclusively on trucks for the delivery of products needed daily

*75% of total manufactured tonnage in the state is transported by truck

*98,540 people get a paycheck from the trucking industry, or 1 in 13 people

*38,000 people in that number proudly fill the role as a professional truck driver, where the average salary is $52,000

*$4.3 billion total trucking wages were paid in Iowa in 2019

*9,360 trucking companies are located in the State of Iowa (majority of them being small, locally owned businesses with fleets of fifteen or fewer trucks)

“These numbers prove what the hard-working men and women in the industry already know; the trucking industry makes a positive and important difference in the lives of every single Iowan, every single day.

We are proud of the important role we play in this state and we will continue to serve this state in a safe and efficient manner,” said IMTA President and CEO, Brenda Neville. “Trucking truly drives the economy while at the same time playing an important role in the quality of life for every Iowan. This is a big responsibility that the industry takes very seriously with safety as the top priority at all times.”

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