Jon and Jane Stimson


Jacob Holmes is running for the Page County District 1 Supervisor position replacing Jon Herzberg, who is retiring from the position.

He is young and full of energy, smart and willing to take the time and make the effort to think through issues. He has a knack for solving problems and has integrity in his dealings.

He is resourceful and practical in financial issues. He will do his homework on subjects and issues. He honors the sanctity of life. He is a strong proponent for property rights for all concerning the wind industry and has hope for the future of Page County. More Info at Jacob Holmes for Supervisor Facebook.

We have known Jacob for seven years and have watched him take Jane’s home place in an entrepreneurial progressive direction with lots of good ideas and the energy to put them into action.

Jacob is wise beyond his years and thinks through the issues facing us today with a common sense intuition that will serve him well as a supervisor. We like the idea of a younger generation that can bring a new energy and new insights to the Page County Supervisor Board.

We have watched Jacob and Kaitlynn remodel and update the old home and surrounding 40 acres at the same time they have undertaken new businesses with great success. Their efforts are first class. Their energy and business savvy, their people skills, and thoughtfulness has been enjoyable to behold. The fact that they have made such progress in seven years while adding to their family is one thing.

Being privy to their ability to be progressive with a wise use of money has been inspiring. Jacob is a man we would trust our tax money with. You should, too.

Vote Jacob Holmes-Page County Supervisor for Progress with a price tag we can live with.

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