Jane Stimson, Clarinda

We have lived in Page County all our lives. As did our fathers. Even our grandfathers lived here. A great grandfather or two made this county their home. Page County has definitely seen changes in the span of those generations.

Progress has been made from the horse-and-buggy-mud-roaddays. Electric lines cover the acres. We enjoy electricity. Running water runs through the ground to our homes. We like running water. Roads have been graveled and paved. We like roads we can get around on.

Other things have changed. The U.S. has become an industrial nation instead of an agricultural nation. People have moved to the cities in hoards in search of a lifestyle. Others of us have stayed in the rural communities in search of a lifestyle a little closer to that of our fathers and grandfathers.

We have two sons who have returned to Page County in search of a lifestyle. We have two more that would consider moving back to the rural community, not for the money they would make or for the lights and bling the countryside offers. They would hope to be getting away from the lights and bling and traffic, etc. They come back for a less crowded, simpler lifestyle that offers fresh air and a wholesome environment for their children.

Page County would like for the future generations to see it as a place to live and raise their children.

Young families don’t come to a rural community to look at and feel the effects of towering, rotating skyscrapers with blinking lights, whooshing blades, and grinding motors. In fact, they may stay away for that very reason. Do we really want to chase off potential young families with a wind turbine complex scattered across the county? (Head down to Maryville or look outside at night to see how densely they are placed). Wouldn’t we rather see the countryside with homes on small acreages on the ridges that have a view of the natural horizon and the starry night sky?

If you want bling and noise..head to the city.

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