What state would be the best, diverse one to start the presidential nominating process?

Democrat candidate Julian Castro does not want it to be Iowa and New Hampshire stating Sunday both states lack cultural diversity.

Iowa has been first in the process since 1972 and the former San Antonio, Texas, mayor said the country has changed a lot in those 47 years. He is Latino while many other Democrat candidates this time are white – but not all.

A state having cultural diversity has its merits. But what state is good enough with diversity to go first? And who gets to define that? Castro didn’t offer those answers. I think he would have had a better argument and explanation if he would have offered his opinions.

It’s not the first presidential election cycle that candidates have talked about not having Iowa and New Hampshire go first. It won’t be the last.

In response to Castro, Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg, who is white, said candidates should be prepared to meet voters in states that have different demographics.

I agree with that and that is what makes this country unique.

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