The future of the Page County Fair is in your hands.

And it’s also in the hands of others who care, are involved and, or participate in fair activities.

If you attended the picnic and fair queen ceremony Tuesday, July 23, you heard from board member Jason Wittmuss how the fair board wants suggestions on what to do with a building the fair board acquired earlier this year.

Located across the street, to the west, of Wibholm Hall, and north of the horse barn, is the site of the former Phillips Builders. At auction, the fair board purchased the buildings.

Wittmuss said it was too late in the year to do something with the buildings for the 2019 fair, which is understood.

But there is plenty of time to plan something for next year.

A suggestion box was placed in Wibholm Hall for people to leave their ideas for how the buildings could be used for fair. (We wouldn’t be surprised if suggestions for fair in general were left in the box.)

The fair board is renting some of the buildings to other businesses for storage, but have agreements with those businesses the fair board will have use of the building for the month of July.

Exactly how much of the building will be used for fair will probably be determined by how much of it is needed.

Strolling through the fair the rest of the week, the use of the buildings was a common discussion topic.

And a good discussion.

One suggestion was for poultry to have its own building, as it now shares the same walls and roof with rabbits. But are there enough poultry entries to justify having its own building?

Is there a program, project or event that would fit fair that Page County does not have now? And could it fit in that building?

It would be interesting to visit other county fairs to see what they have, that we don’t, and could add to our list of events.

The addition of a new building may create an even bigger picture and question. Fayette County, in northeast Iowa, lost its cattle barn years ago because of a fire. The barn was rebuilt, but fair officials there then noticed it was time to make some improvements to other fair buildings.

Maybe it’s time for the Page County Fair Board to make a thorough review of all the fair buildings.

Some comments were how Cow Palace seems under-utilized. The vendors don’t take up all the room. The baby contest only lasts for about an hour.

One comment was to create a gigantic cornbox (like a sandbox) where young kids could play.

If more of the Cow Palace needed to be used for whatever reason, the corn could be removed or the box could be made smaller and relocated in the Cow Palace.

The fair board will still take suggestions for the new buildings. Those can be left at the extension office at 311 E. Washington St. in Clarinda.

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