HJ - Shull Pride of Page Co Trophy

Going up strong for Clarinda is Michael Shull Dec. 14 at Shenandoah. Clarinda and Shenandoah are tied with 31 points in the race for the Pride of Page County Trophy entering the spring sports season. (Herald-Journal photo by Joe Moore)

Shenandoah and Clarinda will enter the spring sports season tied in the battle for the first Pride of Page County Trophy.

The score is currently even at 31 after Clarinda held a 15-12 lead following the fall season.

Shenandoah gained two points on the athletic field this winter. Shenandoah won both girls basketball meetings for four points, and Clarinda won both boys basketball games for four points. Clarinda won the wrestling dual for two points. Shenandoah was the winner in both the girls and boys bowling dual for four additional points.

Shenandoah was also one point better in the classroom. Shenandoah received the maximum two academic points for five of their seven teams while four Clarinda teams received two points. The girls and boys basketball teams for both schools received the highest academic honor from their respective state association while the wrestling and basketball cheerleading teams for both schools also earned two points each. The Shenandoah girls bowling team added two academic points and boys bowling earned one. Clarinda girls bowling and wrestling earned one point each for academics.

There will be 16 points up for grabs on the field this spring with duals scheduled for boys and girls golf and boys and girls tennis. There will be two points available at each of the four home track and field meets as well. All of those events are scheduled to take place between April 7 and 16. Each team will also be able to earn their school two points academically.

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