HJ - Page County Slyder Cup

Members of the Clarinda and Shenandoah cornhole teams competed in the first Page County Slyder Cup, Saturday, March 15, at the Clarinda Country Club. Players included, front row: Tim Weinreich, Chris Graves, Joey Peeler, Andy Dinges, Jordan Moses; second row, Curt Debolt, Dick Auffert, Jared Irvin, Shon Goodman, Brent Degase, Bo Gladman; back row, Logan Christofferson, Aaron Walters, Trent Blackman, Jamie Dinges, Brian Hammons, Donald Powell, Steven Ford, Mark Brown and Shadoe Steeve. (Photo courtesy of Trent Blackman)

Shenandoah defeated Clarinda 21-15, Sunday, March 15 in the first Page County Slyder Cup.

The Slyder Cup was a cornhole tournament at the Clarinda Country Club. The two towns matched up in two sets of doubles matches on each town’s set of boards and rules, and then singles matches took place.

Shenandoah led 14-10 after doubles. Clarinda won three of the first four singles matches to cut Shenandoah’s lead to 15-13, but Shenandoah won six of the final eight matches to win the trophy.

Trent Blackman was part of the winning team and said “the event was highly successful and the competition was great.”

Blackman thought it was interesting to see how the two towns play slightly different rules in their town leagues. Shenandoah plays to 21, but you have to score exactly 21 points to win, while in Clarinda it’s also to 21, but you can go over that total and still win.

“It was awesome to have people get a chance to play a different style,” said Blackman, “and see how they adjusted to new rules. The event was put together very well, ran super smooth and was a great success.”

The plan is to hold the event again next year with Shenandoah being the host as well as the returning champion.

Clarinda team members were Dick Auffert, Mark Brown, Logan Christofferson, Curtis DeBolt, Brent Degase, Bo Gladman, Chris Graves, Jared Irvin, Jordan Moses, Shadoe Steeve and Tim Weinreich.

Shenandoah team members were Trent Blackman, Andy Dinges, Jamie Dinges, Steven Ford, Todd Foutch, Shon Goodman, Brian Hammons, Mackenzy Lang, Tera Lyn, Joey Peeler, Donald Powell and Aaron Walters.

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