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Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (Herald-Journal photo)

Additional business and establishment closures are put in place this as Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said April 6 this week is critical and Iowans need to stay home.

“I believe Iowans care about doing the right thing for the greater good,” said Reynolds. “I believe we all want to protect the most vulnerable among us and safeguard our health care providers and essential workers who are the heroes during this uncertain time. I believe most Iowan are being responsible, but I need every  Iowan to take responsibility for their health and the health of others. This week is critical. Stay home.”

Reynolds said they expect this week to be equally, if not more difficult.

Additional closures through April 30 include malls, social and fraternal clubs, bingo halls, bowling alleys, pool halls, arcades, amusement parks, libraries, museums, zoos, skating rinks and parks. Also included are outdoor and indoor playgrounds and children’s play centers. Also included are tobacco and vaping stores, racetracks and toy, gaming, music, instrument and movie stores and campgrounds.

Reynolds said all closures and restrictions outlined in the Disaster Emergency Proclamation will be enforced, specifically the limitation on social gatherings.

The Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement agencies throughout the state will be working together.

“This week, the governor will be issuing guidance to local law enforcement officials and police departments throughout the state on their role in enforcing the orders outlines in the various declarations of disaster emergency,” said Commissioner Vince from the Department of Public Safety.

Vince said as the governor mentioned violation of these orders could result in the filing of simple misdemeanor charges.

“But worse, your actions may needlessly place Iowans at risk,” said Vince. “I would ask Iowans to own their behaviors and be part of the solution rather than the problem.”

Reynolds said COVID-19 continues to possess the most risk for older adults above the age of 60 and those with chronic and underlying health conditions. She said 10% of the state’s total number of positive cases are among residents and staff in long-term care facilities and 48% of deaths have been residents of long-term care facilities.

Reynolds said the Department of Public Health and the local public health officials continue to work closely with Iowans long term care associations and facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in those settings.

“But every Iowan has a responsibility to keep our family friends and community safe, especially our most vulnerable and our health care workers who are serving on the front lines of this crisis,” said Reynolds. “They don’t’ have the luxury of staying home. These heroes among us are putting their fear aside and showing up to take care of us and we need to do our part by taking care of them. We need to stay home and we need to be responsible.”

To date, Iowa has 946 total positive cases of COVID-19 in 75 counties and 25 total deaths.

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