Clarinda students find other uses for prom funds

A couple from the 2016 Clarinda High prom.

During a special meeting Monday, June 1, the Clarinda School Board reviewed the department of education’s guidance for reopening schools. During that meeting, it was explained prom was not an allowable activity for a school to host during the month of June. 

Clarinda High’s prom was originally scheduled April 25 but was indefinitely postponed at that time.

School officials and students are still researching how to handle the financial accounts related to prom.

“The class of 2021 would like to express our continued support of the district and their decisions, including the cancellation of the 2019-2020 prom.  Although this decision is difficult to face after a year of fundraising, we also believe it is in the best interest of all parties involved.  Following this decision the after-prom committee has decided that we will follow the school’s precedent and cancel the 2019-2020 after-prom celebration,” according to a statement released June 1 by class of 2021 president Chase McAndrews, vice president Jordan Fasnacht, treasurer Emilee Haffner, secretary Teya Stickler and representatives Lindsay Darrah and Kristen Smith.

  Class officers have discussed options to disperse the monies fundraised.  Officers agreed since funding was given by the community it should be given back to the community. 

“The Clarinda Walking Trail Project has plans to extend the trail to the high school….The class of 2021 would like to design and place a bench at the high school in preparation for the day the walking trail is connected.” 

There were other options.

“We would also like to bury a time capsule next to or near the bench to be unearthed in the year 2046, the 25th anniversary of our graduation,” according to the statement.

 “We would like to evenly divide the balance held in the class of 2021 account to each member of the class to cover cap and gown expenses. Although this may not cover the total expense it is a small nod of appreciation to the class for their unity throughout the past 13 years of our education,” according to the statement.

“We were asked to present a multitude of options, but the bench and time capsule were a captivating notion that gained traction immediately.  If we have leftover funds in the after-prom account, they will be donated to the walking trail project in one way or another.  We hope the district agrees that this idea is truly a way to give back to the community,” stated the release.

Reconfiguring the senior class trip was mentioned, but members said there could be dissension among the class.

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