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Bank Iowa, Cornerstone Bank, the Clarinda Foundation, and PCSB have partnered on behalf of the community of Clarinda to provide support to supplement, not replace, other resources including individual government support and relief efforts in cases of local disaster. 

With generous donations received from the local financial institutions the Clarinda Foundation Board of Directors has committed to match dollar for dollar every contribution received to the Clarinda Covid-19 Response Fund up to $15,000.

The Clarinda Foundation will accept gifts from individuals, businesses, and corporations with all donations being tax deductible to the extent of the law. The Response Fund Committee along with the Foundation’s Board of Directors will oversee  this fund to insure funds are directed to those agencies serving individuals of the community impacted by the pandemic. 

Organizations currently identified as recipients of grants from the Response Fund include the Clarinda Sew and Share Food Pantry and Southwest Iowa Families.  Funding, as available, will be awarded outside of an application process to provide flexible grant support to trusted partners in an expedited manner. 

The Clarinda Foundation will seek input from local resource providers and other experts in their decision making process. We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but thanks to the support of the Clarinda Covid-19 Response Fund we have confidence that we stand ready to meet the challenge.  Our community has proven time and time again that we are better together and this collaborative spirit will once again prevail as we support our neighbors in need.

You may mail donations to: Clarinda Foundation  114 E. Washington St. Clarinda, IA  51632 or go to the Clarinda Foundation’s website www.clarindafoundation.com and click on the tab “How Can I Give” and then “General Donation” and complete the form identifying the purpose of the donation as “Clarinda Covid-19 Response Fund” and submit.  This will take you to the next form where you will complete your personal information and submit. 

Rest assured this is a secure site and all donations are processed through Paypal using any credit or debit card.  If you have any questions please contact the Clarinda Foundation office at 712-542-4412 or via e-mail:  clarindafound@iowatelecom.net.

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