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Clarinda School Board’s two incumbents won their seats Tuesday, Nov. 5, during the combined city council and school board election.

Darin Sunderman received 484 votes and Greg Jones finished with 322. Trish Bergren won the third seat with 297. Other candidates were Cade Iversen, 185; Ron Beaver, 238; Paula Gray, 185 and Patrick Hickey, 219.

All results are unofficial until the Page County Board of Supervisors canvass the election which was Tuesday, Nov. 12.

This was the first election in Iowa history with school and city seats on the same ballot. According to the Page County Auditor’s office, there were 2,555 ballots cast. The county has 10,160 registered voters making it a 25 % voter turnout.

Clarinda City Council had three candidates for its three seats; Austin Ascherl had 445 votes and incumbents Craig Hill and Jeff McCall finished with 434 and 449, respectively. Hill finished the council seat term of Lisa Hull who was elected mayor in 2017.

Clarinda Regional Health Center board had two candidates for its two seats; Jeff Clark and incumbent Bryan Whipp. Clark had 383 votes and Whipp totaled 445. Whipp replaced Heather Herzberg who resigned in 2017 during her term.

South Page School had three candidates for its three seats; incumbents Jacque Autry, district 1; Ron Peterman, district 4, and Chris Drennen, district 5. Autry had 161 votes, Peterman, 162 and Drennen had 165.

Essex City Council had four candidates to fill the vacancy created by Rick Dailey. Nicole Wenstrand won with 95 votes. Patrick Glassinger had 25, Stacy Nelson, 42, and Jaime Simpson finished with 30.

There were also eight candidates for the three Essex council seats. Winners were Patricia Gay with 127; Calvin Kinney had 123 and Betty Lou Franks finished with 122. Others were Mark Dunn, 31; Susan Girouex, 21; Jeramy Hanson, 23; Donald Olson, 25 and Rod Riley, 88. Kinney and Gay were incumbents.

Essex School Board had four candidates for three seats. Incumbents Meredith Baker, 148; Brian Johnson, 184; and Doug Ohnmacht, 198, won. Cole Thornton finished with 113.

The board had two candidates for two vacancies; incumbents Lori Racine, with 157 votes and Rebecca Franks, 197.

Franks and Baker were appointed to the board in July. Ohnmacht was the only board member that has not changed since the first of the year.

Shenandoah School Board had three candidates for two seats; Darrin Bouray, Jeff Hiser and Steven Martin. Bouray won one seat with 911 votes and Hiser won the other with 677. Martin finished with 523.

Shenandoah school’s bond issue failed by a vote of 746 in favor and 982 against. Vote totals include Fremont and Mills county as the Shenandoah district overlaps into portions of those counties.

Other county towns are as follows:

Blanchard: No candidates and one is needed for mayor and three for council. Jeff Brownfield was mayor. Gary Brownfield, Wendy Brownfield and Laura Brownfield will not run again. There were eight write-in votes for mayor and 21 for council. Jeff Brownfield had eight write-in votes for mayor. Laura Brownfield, Wendy Brownfield and Jake Cerven each had seven write-in votes for council.

Braddyville: Incumbent Mayor Kim Gotschall was the only candidate. She finished with 39 votes. Larry Murphy, 40 votes, and Elaine Rippey, 35 votes, were two council candidates for three seats. Rippey had 35 and Murphy had 40 write-in votes. Janelle Anderson had 26 write-in votes for council.

Coin: No candidates for mayor or the five council members needed. Mayor write-in votes totaled 31 and there were 115 for council members. T.J. Horn had 18 write-in votes for mayor. Write-in votes for council were Marie Miller, 21; John Nelson, 20; Deb Coulter, 17; Kirby Coulter, 12 and Darrell Murphy, 8.

College Springs: Brad Hammers won mayor with 28 votes. Mary Boattaro had 28 votes, Amanda Owens, 26, and Leslie Schenck, 28 are three candidates for council. Five council members are needed. Write-in votes for council are: Jim Crapson, 2; Phil Greever, 8; Mike Roberts, 6; Shirley Long, 3; Karrie Dejong, 2; Jackie Cabeen, 5 and Chelsea Runyon, 2.

Hepburn: Brian Rogers is the incumbent candidate for mayor and received six votes. Incumbent council member candidates were Lisa Miller, Roger Miller, Arlene Raines, Kory Rogers and Don Taylor. Each finished with six votes.

Northboro: There were no candidates for mayor but there were 24 write-in votes. Clint Wright had 19 write-in votes for mayor. Eric Nelson had 22 votes and William Orme had 19 as the two council candidates. For write-in votes, Orme had 19; Nelson 22 and Stone McCoy has 12. Three members are needed.

Shambaugh: Incumbent Mayor Ron Peterman was the only candidate and had 19 votes. The five incumbent council candidates are Joseph Dow, 17 votes; Kevin Johnson, 15; Patricia Johnson, 17; Karen Miller, 17 and Sherry Stuvick, 16. Five members are needed.

Shenandoah Council: Incumbent Aaron Green lost his at-large seat with 454 votes. Cynthia Allely-Arman won with 472 and Jennifer Elliott had 110. Ward 2 incumbent Robert Burchett lost to Jon Brantner 201 to 189.

Shenandoah Park Commission had two candidates for the one seat; Jon Weinrich had 417 votes and Zac Zwickel won with 658.

Yorktown: Sharyn Clark was the only council candidate and two candidates are needed. Clark finished with 5 votes. Clark also had five write-in votes and Michael Cabeen had 3.

In other results, John McBride had 2,163 votes as the only candidate for Iowa Western Community College director for district 1. Lone candidate Fred Shearer received 15 votes for Southwestern Community College director district 2. Vicki Sickels was the only candidate for Southwestern Community College director for district 7. There were no votes.

There were no votes recorded in Page County for the Bedford school board candidates, Jackie Spencer, district 2; Roger Ritchie and Tara Dukes for district 3 and Joseph Murphy for district 4.

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