A tuition agreement by which the Clarinda and South Page school districts will share educational services and activities was approved by the Clarinda Board of Education Wednesday, June 12.

  The arrangement, which is planned to go into effect for the 2019-2020 school term, covers the regular program student population of South Page in grades nine through 12, excluding those students open enrolled out of South Page to any other district, including Clarinda. But it does include students who are open enrolled from other districts into South Page.

  Provisions for special education students will be made separately by each district.

  Services under the agreement include all academic and extra-curricular and co-curricular programming in grades nine through 12. South Page students in those grades will attend school in Clarinda based on each student’s need. Declining enrollment and staffing in some courses in South Page influenced the sharing proposal.

  The Clarinda school board also approved the sharing of all athletic programs with South Page, with the exception of high school football.

  Regarding tuition, South Page will pay Clarinda an amount equal to 100 percent of the total designated by the state as the regular district cost per pupil for Clarinda for the 2019-2020 term based on hours of attendance for each South Page student taking classes in Clarinda.

  The actual amount of the tuition will depend on the number of South Page students in Clarinda who will be counted on Oct. 1 and then again in February 2020.

  Clarinda Superintendent Deron Stender said the number of South Page students taking classes in Clarinda “might change, because if they [South Page] lose staff members, some of those courses, and the need for some of that instruction, is going to shift up here. So those numbers could grow. You need to keep an eye on it. It’s a moving target.”

  If South Page students open enroll into the Clarinda district, he said, they would “generate the full weight of revenue for the next year” by being included in Clarinda’s student count in October, instead of being covered by the tuition payments.

  In the agreement between the districts, South Page will be responsible for transporting its nine through 12th grade students to and from Clarinda each school day for all academic and extra-curricular activities. Clarinda will provide transportation to South Page students in grades nine through 12 for extra-curricular events held outside Clarinda on the same basis as it provides transportation to Clarinda students.

  Clarinda will reimburse South Page 7 percent of total tuition received for transportation to and from Clarinda for academic services.

  Along with approving the tuition agreement, the Clarinda school board agreed to assume the food service management for the South Page district for a fixed fee of $3,000. Meals for South Page students will continue to be prepared in College Springs.

  In a related action, the board approved a $1,500 stipend for Traci DeBolt, Clarinda food service director, whose workload and responsibility will increase as the result of Clarinda taking over management of the South Page food service program.

  In other business, the board:

  Approved out-of-state travel for Sara Honnold, the district’s Emergency Operations Planning (EOP) director, to attend the National School Safety Symposium in Thornton, Colorado, in July. The symposium will focus on proactive, measured and effective methods of keeping schools safe, and is designed to provide a number of takeaways that districts can implement immediately.

  Approved the purchase of food service equipment -- a tilting skillet and a holding cabinet from Central Restaurant Products for $18,354.90. The items replace equipment that is not functioning properly or is no longer used.

  Approved a bid from Wallin Plumbing and Heating to replace the air conditioning unit for the high school kitchen for $7,922.63. The current unit has failed.

  Approved the handbooks for Garfield Elementary School, Clarinda Middle School and Clarinda High School.

  Approved the 2019-2020 good conduct protocol for all school activities. Developed during the past year through a collaborative process involving staff input, the protocol provides equitable options that raise expectations of students.

  Approved an amended 2019-2020 school calendar to reflect a change of late start days from Wednesdays to Mondays. The revisions was made to align the Clarinda and South Page calendars.

  Approved 2019-2020 instructional fees -- high school, $40; middle school, $30; and elementary school, $20. The amounts are the same as those for last school year.

  Approved a 2019-2020 AEA purchasing agreement for “ware wash and small wares.” Items include soap, sanitizers and other supplies acquired through competitive pricing for bulk purchases.

  Approved bids for 2019-2020 from Hiland Dairy for dairy products and Pan O’Gold for bakery and bread products.

  Approved a district-wide increase of 10 cents for all school lunches. Prices will be $2.60 for students in kindergarten through eighth grade; $2,75 for high school students; and $3.75 for adults. The increase was required by a Healthy Kids Act regulation based on a formula provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  Approved an agreement with the City of Clarinda for the use of the baseball and softball fields, and the tennis courts at the Clarinda City Park, and the gymnasium in the Lied Center when available. The Clarinda City Council has also approved the agreement.

  Approved sharing agreements -- with the Shenandoah School District for the services of an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher; and with the Stanton School district for a Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher.

  Approved the resignation of school bus driver Connie Miller.

  Approved the hiring of Macy Elwood and Kaitlin Allen as co-head volleyball coaches.

  Approved the voluntary transfer of Elwood from elementary teacher to special education teacher.

  Approved the hiring of Amanda Vardaman as elementary teacher.

  Approved administrative contracts for 2019-2020.

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