Forty Brokaw FFA members of Clarinda competed in the Northwest Missouri State University Agriculture Judging Contests held at the NWMSU campus on Oct. 3.

The chapter saw 14 members compete in the Livestock Judging competition, 10 members compete in the Horse Judging competition, three members compete in the Farm Business Management contest, and 13 members compete in the FFA Knowledge competition.

In the Horse Judging competition. the Clarinda team placed second out of 19 teams. Alana Stickler, Alea VanVactor, and Jalyn Sharr made up the second place team. Stickler placed 6th, VanVactor placed 18th, and Sharr placed 24th overall out of 89 total individuals.

Other members competing in Horse Judging were Skylar Ned, Brooklyn Harris, Destiny Hoyt, Shayla Harris, DaNae Larson, Phoebe Garrett, and Allyson Johnson.

In the Livestock Judging competition, the Clarinda team placed fifth out of 35 total teams. Members making up the fifth place team were Grant Jobe, Jason Wright, and Colby Carlson. Jobe placed 7th overall, Wright placed 14th, and Carlson placed 28th out of a total of 210 participants.

Other Brokaw team members in the Livestock Judging competition included Owen Johnson, Logan Green, Brevin Coston, Ethan Fast, Ethan Jones, Isaac Jones, Levi Wise, Ronnie Weidman, Rhyn Walters, Adam Johnson, and Drake Riddle.

In the FFA Knowledge competition, the team of Bradlie Wilmes, Hailee Knight, and Ethan Herzberg was named champion team. Wilmes placed first overall, Knight placed third, and Herzberg placed fourth place out of 58 individuals. Others competing in the FFA Knowledge exam were Colbie Wilmes, Kristen Smith, Dagen Price, Blaine Coston, Jaron Robberts, Hayden Morrison, McKenna Yearington, Cloe Strait, Kemper Beckel, and Jordyn McQueen.

In the Farm Business Management contest, the Brokaw team placed 8th out of 14 teams. Placing ninth out of 65 individuals in the Farm Business Management contest was Alex Baker. Other participants from the Brokaw Chapter were Cooper Williams and Connor Brown.

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