A Maryville, Missouri, man was thrown from his kayak and drown at about 10:30 a.m., Friday, July 5 in the West Nodaway River near Clarinda.

            According to a Page County Sheriff Department report, Jerrimiah Smiley, 38, was kayaking with David Medley, 33, also of Maryville, were floating downstream and approached the low-head dam on the river east of Clarinda.

Smiley went over the dam first and was thrown from his kayak. Medley was behind Smiley and he also was thrown from his kayak as he went over the dam. Both were wearing life preservers.

            Smiley got caught in the undertow and Medley was swept down river. Medley eventually made it to the bank and returned to the area where he had last seen Smiley. Medley was again forced downstream. Medley was again able to return to the area where he last saw Smiley.

            Medley found his cell phone and called 911. Smiley was visible downstream from the dam and Medley removed him from the river and performed CPR. Emergency crews arrived and transported Smiley to Clarinda Regional Health Center where he was pronounced dead.

            The two started kayaking and camping on the river near Villisca and were planning to go to Maitland, Missouri, during a trip that was to last several days.

The Page County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Clarinda Police Department, the Clarinda Fire Department and the Clarinda Ambulance service.

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