Board named acting superintendent

Dr. Lolli Haws

Green Hills Area Education Agency Director Dr. Lolli Haws was appointed acting superintendent of the Clarinda School District by the Board of Education Wednesday, June 12.

  She will serve in the position until a permanent interim superintendent is found to replace current Clarinda Superintendent Deron Stender, who resigned effective June 30.

  Haws’s actual appointment will begin on June 21, the date Stender will leave for a vacation prior to the end of his employment with the district.

  Haws, who attended the June 12 meeting, said the Code of Iowa allows an AEA administrator to fill a superintendent’s job when the position becomes vacant before a successor is hired.

  “I will be in this role for you until your interim starts,” she told board members.

  She added she is performing a similar function for the Harlan school district and was expecting to also fill in as superintendent for the Essex and East Mills districts.

  Haws will be available to deal with major issues affecting the Clarinda district. For anything deemed to be of a critical nature, “I will need to take that on,” she said.

  In the time between Stender’s departure and the hiring of an interim superintendent, Director of Student Services Allison Wellhausen will be the district’s contact for day-to-day operations and will serve as liaison for Haws. The board made that appointment during the June 12 meeting

  “I hold the superintendent’s license,” Haws said. “But I can empower her [Wellhausen] to make decisions.”

  Haws became Green Hills AEA director last year. Before that, she was superintendent of Racine Unified School District in Racine, Wisconsin for four years. Other positions in the educational field include instructional superintendent with the District of Columbia Public Schools, and elementary teacher in St. Louis and St. Peters, Missouri.

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